Event Shoots

Our Event photography services involve capturing moments and creating visual content during your events such as weddings, corporate functions, parties, conferences, and other special occasions. These services can vary widely based on the specific needs and preferences of the clients.

Event Coverage

Photography: Professional photographers capture candid and posed shots, documenting the event’s key moments.

Videography: Videographers record live action, interviews, and other footage to create a dynamic video representation of the event.

Pre-Event Planning

Consultation: Discussing the client’s requirements, event schedule, and specific shots they desire. Scouting: Visiting the event venue beforehand to plan the best camera angles and lighting setups.

On-Site Services

Photography: Taking high-quality photos using professional cameras and lenses. Videography: Filming the event, capturing speeches, performances, and interactions. Drone Services: Capturing aerial shots or videos for a unique perspective. Live Streaming: Broadcasting the event in real-time over the internet for remote viewers.


Editing: Sorting through hundreds or thousands of photos and selecting the best ones. Video editing involves cutting, enhancing, and adding effects to create a polished final product.

Album Creation: Designing physical or digital albums with selected event photos.

Video Highlights: Creating shorter, engaging video clips highlighting the most significant moments of the event.


Digital Copies: Providing high-resolution digital photos and videos to clients. Prints: Offering printing services for physical copies of photographs. Online Galleries: Creating password-protected online galleries where clients and event attendees can view and download photos and videos.

Additional Services

Photo Booths: Setting up photo booths with props and backdrops for fun and interactive photo sessions.

Event Branding: Incorporating event branding and logos into the photos and videos.

Social Media Sharing: Instantly sharing photos and videos on social media platforms during the event.

Documentary Style: Capturing the event in storytelling, emphasizing the natural flow and emotions.

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